Why cognitive behavioural therapy?

Why cognitive behavioural therapy?
  • There are three types of therapy to help with individual problems.

    I chose cognitive behavioural therapy because it is empirically supported and shows real results. Furthermore, this type of therapy is time-limited: the therapy has a start and an end.

    As a patient, you have an overview of the therapeutic journey.

    The first therapy sessions are dedicated to:
    • your personal history
    • evaluating the difficulties based on a structured conversation and psychological testing.

    The next sessions are to:
    • establish one or several objectives for treatment in one or several therapy sessions.
    • Set up meetings with tasks to accomplish for the next therapy sessions.

    Throughout therapy, you will be aware as a patient of which stage of the therapy you are in.

    Therapy is about teamwork: me, a clinical psychologist with expert knowledge and you, as an expert in yourself.

    This is not a method that involves « tricks ». Substantive work is needed in order to answer the question « how can I feel better in my mind and my body? »

    Therapy evolves and forms in a structured way.